Steel Frame Construction Vs. Wood Framing Construction

Everyone has their own personal choice so final decision is up to you what do you like in your home. Mostly builders are used wood frame to built homes as opposed to steel framing. Today EW-Webb Engineering, Wood Frame construction team have shared differences between steel frame and wood frame construction.

Cost Saving: Steel frame construction is too much expensive than wood timer frame construction. Cost is the primarily reason or factor why mostly homes are built in Timber. Late 2in 008 and early 2010 steel was very expensive due to raw materiel involved. Steel is most recycled material on the earth .

White ants and Termite: Steel frames are fully protected from white ant and Termite but timber frame can be damage because of termite or white ants attack.

Steel Frame Construction

Environment Friendly: Steel is most recycled material on the earth and timber is the ultimate renewable resource.

Inherent Strength: Strength of steel is strong than wood frame. Steel frame always straight, strong and stable whereas wood warps, twists and expands so steel is more durable materiel for homes.

Installation Problem: Steel is lighter than wood so that it’s easier to cut by hand tools like drill etc..


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